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exo-k - pepero cf

How to feed pepero to your BF…F ^^


party hard with chanhun

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Sungmin, please smile again.  

Bobby - Born Hater

don’t look at me like that ((╬ಠิ﹏ಠิ))

figdeting hands

*phone goes off*
luhan: hello?
suho: hi, lulu ~ did you sleep well, have you eaten anything today? did you wash and fold your clothes properly like I told you to do. remember to shut the window or else you might catch a cold.
luhan: you know that you don't have to look out for me anymo–
suho: nonsense! I'll always look out for you.. oh, that reminds me, tell kris to pick up his phone when I call him. he seems to be ignoring me these days.. I don't know what's gotten in to him.. I'm just checkin' on him to make sure he's eating properly and he keeps being so ungrateful! you'll talk to him for me, wont you?
luhan: yeah.. sure, I'll tell him..
suho: okay, great! then I'll talk to you tomorrow lulu
luhan: wait, why tomorrow?
suho: I have to make sure you're sleeping and eating properly!
luhan: you don't have to–
suho: it was good talking with you lulu ♡ goodnight! tell kris I said hi ~